Tjohalias Crème de la Crème

REG.NO: SE50083/2014
: 11/08-2014
Weight/Vikt: 2,5 kg
Bite/Bett: 6+6 scissor bite/saxbett
Molera/Fontanell: very small / liten
Colour: Blackbrindle w. white markings
/Färg: Svartbrindle m. vita tecken.

PL: 0/0 [2015.09.14]
Eyes/Ögon: U.A / Clear [2016.04.08]

Father: SEUCH FIUCH LVCH EECH RLD N & F & A & M Rosackis He Is The Man
Mother: The Small One’s It’s Crystal Clear


I am forever thankful to Jenny Öhlund (Tjohalias Kennel), for selling me this little jewel. Leona really means the world to me. She brings so much joy and happiness into our life. <3

Jag är evigt tacksam till Jenny Öhlund (Tjohalias Kennel), för att jag fick köpa denna  lilla juvel. Leona betyder så oerhört mycket för mig. Hon ger oss så mycket glädje och lycka i våra liv. <3


Show Results/Utställningsresultat
EST JCH / Estonian Juniorchampion / Estländsk Juniorchampion

Sweden: CAC/CERT, 3x R-CAC, 2x R-CACIB
Finland: CAC/CERT, R-CAC
Norway: 2x CAC/CERT, 2x R-CAC,
EXC-2 Junior at the Crufts Qualifying show in Drammen 2015.
Estonia: EST JCH, 3x Junior-CAC/J-CERT, 2x BOB-Junior, 1x BOS-Junior, 3x BF2
Several CQ & best female placings in every country she is shown.

Result of 9 puppyshows:
BEST Temperament in Show, BOB & BISS-3 Puppy at the
Northern Swedish Chihuahua Specieality 2015. (a total of 86 entered chihuahuas)
BOB Puppy at the International Dogshow in Malmö 2015.
BOB & BOG-2 Puppy in a big group at the International dogshow in Ålesund, Norway 2015.
3rd BF puppy with HP at the Swedish Winnershow 2015
3x BIS-2, 1x BOG, 1xBOG-2 , 7x BOB, 1x BOS, 9x HP

Rallylydnad / RallyObedience
RLD N – Diplom Nybörjarklass/Beginners class Diploma (1)
RLD F – Diplom Fortsättningsklass/Continuation class Diploma (2)
RLD A – Diplom Avancerad klass / Advanced class Diploma (3)
Tävlar mästarklass / Competing in master class (highest class 4)

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